The Law and Practice of Charities in New Zealand, Susan Barker, Michael Gousmett and
   Ken Lord, 
LexisNexis, May 2013, click here  

       "a valuable and unique resource that will provide comprehensive guidance"

       "thought-provoking...insights and commentary"
      Juliet Moses, NZLJ April 2014 at 92

       "a welcome addition to the reference materials available to lawyers and others 
      involved in the charitable sector....[containing] an extremely comprehensive and in-
      depth analysis of the statutory framework on taxation laws as they relate to 
      charitable entities...[and] a comprehensive outline of financial reporting and 
      obligations for charities around anti-money laundering"
Sarah-Jane Weir, LawTalk 833 6 December 2013 at 29

       - cited with approval by the High Court in Invercargill City Council v Attorney-General
        [2014] 2 NZLR 127 at [28] and Burnett Mt Cook Station Charitable Trust [2016] NZHC 
        2669 at [60]

       - the New Zealand Law Society's "Book of the Month", LawTalk 821 21 June
         2013 at 23 

Invercargill City Council v AG.pdf Invercargill City Council v AG.pdf
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SAVE THE DATECharity Law Association of Australia and New Zealand, in conjunction with Parry Field, Charities Services, and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Not-for-profit special interest group, Conference, Professional perspectives on charities law and regulation, Wellington, 26 and 27 April 2018, click here

Social enterprise in New Zealand - an overview, CCH webinar, 28 November 2017, click here

NewstalkZB interview, Mike Hosking, 23 November 2017, click here 

Community Minister says Destiny Church charity decision made on 'sound grounds', Victoria Young, National Business Review,   23 November 2017, click here

RNZ Checkpoint  interview, 23 November 2017, click here

School donation rebates under review, Otago Daily Times, 26 October 2017, click here

RNZ Checkpoint interview, 24 October 2017, click here

Mt Albert Grammar appeals to parents to fund new buildings, NZ Herald, 19 October 2017, click here

RadioLive interview, 3 October 2017, click here


Contributor to Regulating Charities: the Inside Story, Routledge, April 2017, click here
The book was launched in Canada on 28 April 2017, and in Australia on 18 May 2017:

 -  Charting 25 years of charity regulation, Pro Bono Australia, 18 May 2017, click here


Proud to be awarded Best Boutique Law Firm 2017 at the APAC Insider New Zealand Business Awards, see p114 of the APAC       Insider June 2017 issue here


 The Wire 95bFM Monday 29 May 2017, click here


  TVNZ Q + A, Sunday 21 May 2017, click here and panel discussion click here


 RadioLive Drive with Alison Mau, 17 May 2017, click here


 Indirect public benefit, by Sue Barker and Raina Ng, 
 New Zealand Law Journal, April 2017 at 97



 Charities law update, CCH webinar, Tuesday 13 June 2017, 2.30pm, click here


 RNZ, new financial reporting rules for registered charities, 23 February 2017, click here


Sue Barker is honoured to be a guest lecturer at the University of Otago LAWS 485 Charity Law, summer 2017,  and to be an invited speaker at the University of Melbourne Law School Masters Course Charity Law for the 21st Century, November 2016


Sue Barker is honoured to have been described in Parliament as "the person in the country with the most expertise in this area of law" (Charities Amendment Bill 71-2B second reading, NZPD Vol 718 1 November 2016) click here


 Social housing - the canary in the coalmine, by Sue Barker and Raina Ng, Fundraising New Zealand magazine, November 2016  at 10.


Sue Barker Charities Law is honoured to have been awarded Boutique Tax Law Firm of the Year - New Zealand at the 2016 CorporateLiveWire 2016 Legal Awards


Charity wins in High Court, click here


22 September 2016, Government Administration Select Committee recommends that the proposal to remove charities' rights of appeal be struck out, click here


Sue Barker Charities Law is honoured to be a finalist for the Boutique Law Firm of the Year at the 2016 New Zealand Law Awards


In September 2016, Sue was made an Honorary National Life Member of the National Council of Women of New Zealand Incorporated, for her work assisting the Council to regain their charitable registration


New Zealand charities regulation and the Charities Amendment Bill, presentation to the Charity Law Association of Australia and New Zealand 2016 Conference, Melbourne, 25-26 August 2016, click here


 "Let them eat cake" - what Brexit should tell us about charity regulation in New Zealand, 9 July 2016, click here. See also information about the Charities Amendment Bill and its proposal to remove charities' rights of appeal from Hui E! Community Aotearoa, New Zealand Trustees' Association bulletin, Community Housing Nga Wharerau o Aotearoa, Canterbury Migrants' Centre noticeboard, Platform Trust submission, and ActionStation petition


 Contributor to Corporate Governance - a practical handbook, 2nd edition, by Dr Karen Martyn, CCH Auckland April 2016
 click here


 IRD Obligations and the NFP sector - a tax update, Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand, Not-for-profit
 Special Interest Group, Wednesday 18 May 2016 4.30-6pm, level 7, 50 Customhouse Quay, Wellington


 Charities law update, CCH webinar, Tuesday 14 June 2016, 2.30-3.45, click here

 Fiscal consequences, The New Zealand Law Journal, April  2016 at 102, click here


 Governance of charities and other not-for-profits 2016, CCH Webinar, 22 March 2016, 2.30-3.45, click here


 Sue Barker Charities Law is honoured to have been voted
 Boutique Charities Law Firm of the Year - New Zealand, in  the 2015 Corporate LiveWire Awards


 Sue Barker Charities Law is honoured to be a finalist for
 the Boutique Law Firm of the Year award at the 2015 New
 Zealand Law awards, click here

Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2015.jpg Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2015.jpg
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 Small scale charities struggle to keep status, TV 3 interview, Wednesday 2 September 2015, click here

 RSM Hayes Audit Charities - the legal definition, changes and impact, 28 September 2015, 4.30-7pm, click here


 Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Auckland not-for-profit special interest group
 29 September 0730-9am


 Governance of charities and other not-for-profits, CCH Webinar, Tuesday 18 August 2015, 2.30-3.45pm


 The Bonfire of the Charities, presentation to the Tax Special Interest Group of Chartered Accountants New Zealand and Australia, 27 July 2015

Tax SIG flyer.pdf Tax SIG flyer.pdf
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Australian Charity Law Association, Unstable, unpredictable, unstoppable? The changing legal climate for charities, 27-28 August 2015, Brisbane

ACLA Conference 2015.pdf ACLA Conference 2015.pdf
Size : 481.998 Kb
Type : pdf

 Charities law update, CCH webinar, Tuesday 16 June 2015,  2.30 - 3.45pm



 The bonfire of the charities, National Business Review,
  27 May 2015

NBR27May2015.PDF NBR27May2015.PDF
Size : 21072.675 Kb
Type : PDF

 The presumption of charitability post-Greenpeace, The New
 Zealand Law Journal, April 2015 at 116, cited by the High
 Court in Re Family First New Zealand [2015] NZHC 1493 (30
  June 2015)

  The National Council of Women litigationTaxation Today, Thomson Reuters, March and April 2015, issues 81 and 82


  Charities risk deregistrationRadio New Zealand National, 22 January 2015


  Contributor to Balancing work and life: a practical guide for lawyers, by Julia Batchelor-Smith, LexisNexis 2015, click here

  Victoria University of Wellington, Centre for Accounting,
  Governance and Taxation Research, Seminar:
 Taxation issues for charities and not-for-profit organisations
 Thursday 26 February 2015, 0815-1145

nfp-seminar-series-4-programme.pdf nfp-seminar-series-4-programme.pdf
Size : 403.156 Kb
Type : pdf

 Charity wins in High Court, 16 December 2014, click here 

 10 CPD Points in One Day Legalwise seminar 24 February
 2015, The Intercontinental, Wellington

10 CPD Points in One Day 24 February 2015.pdf 10 CPD Points in One Day 24 February 2015.pdf
Size : 537.688 Kb
Type : pdf


 IRD, the charities regulator and a charity, Fundraising New
 Zealand magazine, November 2014, pp10-12

IRD, the charities regulator and a charity.PDF IRD, the charities regulator and a charity.PDF
Size : 17447.503 Kb
Type : PDF

 Sue Barker Charities Law is honoured to be a finalist for
 the Boutique Law Firm of the Year award at the 2014 New
 Zealand Law awards, click here

Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2014.jpg Boutique Law Firm of the Year 2014.jpg
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  The Supreme Court decision in Greenpeace - unintended consequences, CCH webinar, Tuesday 4 November 2014, 2.30 - 

  Some comments by attendees:

  "Sue has excellent knowledge of the area and I would love to attend more webinars presented by her"

  "Clear explanation of the Supreme Court decision"

  "good coverage of topic"


 SC decision garners problems and prospects for charities 
 ADLSI LawNews by Matthew Lark,3 October 2014

ADLS LawNews 3 October 2014.PDF ADLS LawNews 3 October 2014.PDF
Size : 49082.405 Kb
Type : PDF

 The charity taking on the IRD in the High Court, Interview with Kathryn Ryan, Radio New Zealand National, Nine to Noon,
 Monday 29 September

 The myth of charitable activities, New Zealand Law 
 Journal, September 2014, at 304

The myth of charitable activities.PDF The myth of charitable activities.PDF
Size : 1018.523 Kb
Type : PDF


 Hundreds affected by Supreme Court turn on Greenpeace - lawyer, National Business Review, 7 August 2014


 What next for Greenpeace, interview with Mike Hosking, NewstalkZB, 7 August 2014


 Supreme Court updated definition of charity 'a win for democracy', New Zealand News, 7 August 2014 


 Ruling gives protest groups hope, Marlborough Express, 7 August 2014, click here

 Win for charity in the High Court: National Council of Women of New Zealand
 Incorporated v  Charities Registration Board [2014] NZHC 1297 (10 June 2014)


   The Bonfire of the Charities, Fundraising New Zealand magazine, May 2014

TheBonfireoftheCharities.PDF TheBonfireoftheCharities.PDF
Size : 26202.571 Kb
Type : PDF

  The Australian Nonprofit Sector Legal and Accounting Almanac 2013, Myles McGregor-Lowndes, Queensland University of
  Technology, Brisbane, Australia, 2014 (see in particular chapter 4.2 for a 2013 calendar of developments in New Zealand)
  click here


   Deregistered charities, New Zealand Law Journal, April 2014 at 87

Deregisteredcharities.PDF Deregisteredcharities.PDF
Size : 533.165 Kb
Type : PDF


   Appealing decisions of the charities regulator, paper prepared for the Auckland District
   Law Society Seminar Charity begins at...developing perspectives on charity law
   1 and 3 April 2014

Some comments from attendees:

 - "Excellent resource/handout"

 - "Very valuable seminar paper - I am sure I will be referring to it in the future"

 - "The presenters were very knowledgeable"

 - "Excellent seminar"

 - "Many thanks. Excellent."


  3 February 2014, Submission on the Taxation (Annual Rates, Employee Allowances, and
  Remedial Matters) Bill, which proposes to implement tax changes for deregistered charities,
  and community housing providers


  Sue Barker Charities Law voted New Zealand's Boutique Law Firm of the Year, and 
  first runner-up for the Tax Law Firm of the Year award at the 2013 New Zealand Law Awards, 
click here




  The Growth in Charities Law by Elliot Sim, New Zealand Law Society, 2 August 2013 click here



  The Australian non-profit sector legal and accounting almanac 2012, Myles McGregor-Lowndes, The Australian Centre for
  Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, Queensland University of Technology, July 2013 (for discussion from a New Zealand
  perspective, see in
particular chapter 5.3 Charitable purpose and advocacy: Greenpeace of New Zealand Incorporated) click here



   National Council of Women of New Zealand - Te Kaunihera Wahine o Aotearoa
   Circular No 562, May 2013 NCWNZ wins back charitable status


CircularMay2013.PDF CircularMay2013.PDF
Size : 345.289 Kb
Type : PDF


    Te Waha Nui, 22 May 2013 Family First – charity or political movement? 


   The Auckland Herald, 7 May 2013 Family First finds unlikely ally in charitable status click here


   New Zealand Law Journal, April 2013 Poor relations and the prevention of poverty

   NCWNZ wins back charitable status, 19 April 2013 click here


    New Zealand Law Journal, October 2012 The presumption of charitability



The presumption of charitability.pdf The presumption of charitability.pdf
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Type : pdf

    Internal Affairs cracks down on charities, 23 September 2012, click here

    Speaker at Charities Commission's Charitable purpose forum, Te Papa, April 2012


 Submission on the Taxation (Annual Rates, Returns Filing and Remedial Matters) Bill on behalf of a coalition of insolvency    practitioners, February 2012: click here



  Chartered Accountants' Journal, June 2011 Are all Charities equal?


CA Journal Are all charities equal.pdf CA Journal Are all charities equal.pdf
Size : 486.594 Kb
Type : pdf


    The Dominion Post, 4 June 2011 Charities being tossed to the dogs on technicalities


    TVNZ interview, 30 May 2011 click here


  NZLawyer 8 April 2011 Charities Act review  

NZLawyer Charities Act review.pdf NZLawyer Charities Act review.pdf
Size : 430.272 Kb
Type : pdf

     How can PTEs perform more successfully in 2011, Mai Chen and Susan Barker, NZAPEP PEPTalk, Christmas 2010


  New Zealand Law Journal, August 2010 Canterbury Development Case

NZLJ Canterbury Development case.pdf NZLJ Canterbury Development case.pdf
Size : 378.913 Kb
Type : pdf

  Can your charity escape the anti-money laundering regime? Chapman Tripp Brief Counsel, 24 August 2010 by Susan Barker and 
  Penny Sheerin: click here


  Anti-money laundering regulations and codes of practice proposed Chapman Tripp Brief Counsel, 11 August 2010 by Susan 
  Barker  and Penny Sheerin: click here


  Submission on the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Bill, August 2009: click here 



  Supplyfest, the sniff test and expenses occasioned by the sale - an indirect tax update, prepared for Conferenz One-Stop Update
  for the Accountant in Practice,
17 November 2005


  Submissions on behalf of various charities on the Charities Bill, 2004


  Presentation to the Charity Gaming Association on the Charities Bill, 19 May 2004



  Can Company Directors rely on tax advice, Institute of Directors Boardroom August 2003, reproduced in Accounting, Corporate 
  and Tax Alert 3 November 2003